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Additional Information

**Sound System**

A great light-show needs a high-quality sound system to get the party-rocking'! Our MP3 based DJ decks use the very latest DJ software run from laptops that link to digital mixers. That gives us the ability to carry tens of thousands of songs, create personalised playlists for your party and find your favourite tracks in an instant with its quick and easy search facility. It also sounds fantastic too when played through our superb powered speakers!


Our Gig Bar taking centre stage in our teenage disco party is the stunning Gig bar has a pair of LED Derby, LED pars, a laser, and strobe effect. Also, the added UltraViolet in the pars and strobes increase the colour mixing and impact with the use of a smoke machine (included as standard where permitted), the smoke catches the beams in the air giving you a seriously cool laser beam

You can swap the smoke machine to a snow or bubble machine if your venue has smoke alarms or if preferred.